Five reasons why Edvest is a great value

529 plans offer many benefits to families saving for college. But, for Wisconsin residents in particular, the Edvest College Savings Plan offers compelling value. From low fees to management ease, here are five reasons why Edvest is a great deal for account holders.


 1.      Edvest is local and in your community.  As the state’s official 529 college savings plan, Edvest is overseen by the State of Wisconsin. You’ll find Edvest participating in Money Smart Week, College Goal Wisconsin, Summer Reading Programs with Wisconsin Libraries and the Green Bay Packers, and appearing at numerous festivals to answer questions.

2.      22 investment choices. Edvest offers 22 professionally-managed investment portfolios ranging in strategy and risk from principal protection and conservative choices to growth choices, including two age-based options that automatically adjust as the child grows older.

 3.      Some of the lowest fees in the country. Edvest is one of the lowest cost plans in the country. Investment research firm, Morningstar named Edvest one of the top 5 cheapest plans in the nation based on overall expense ratios. Lower cost means more of the gains go back into your account.

4.      Wisconsin residents get a tax break. Edvest offers a great way for Wisconsin residents to save on their taxes while saving for college. Contributions to an Edvest account reduce your Wisconsin taxable income, dollar-for-dollar – up to $3,000 per beneficiary per year.

 5.      We’re accessible 24/7. Edvest offers multiple ways to connect. Consultants are available by phone or email Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Central (1-888-338-3789 or You can also interact with Edvest through social media on both Facebook and Twitter. Plus, you can even manage your account on – where you can track your investments, make contributions securely and quickly online, and more.


Like what you’ve heard? Tell family and friends about the benefits of using Edvest to prepare for college costs. It’s easy to get started and takes just $25 to open an Edvest account.