Saving a Little at a Time Adds Up

Edvest sat down with Evelyn Henschel of Milwaukee, Wis. on December 12, 2013 to discuss her experience with planning for the cost of college.


As a single mom living on a fixed budget, Evelyn Henschel of Milwaukee, faces many challenges. However, there is one thing that she knows for sure.

“Saving for my son’s education is by far the most important piece of his future,” Henschel says. “Even on a fixed or limited income, this is something that we, as parents, need to do for our children.”

Henschel says personal circumstances delayed her plans of saving for her son’s higher education needs until her was approximately seven years-old. After researching several 529 plans to save for college, she chose the Edvest College Savings Plan.

“I knew the automatic contributions and the tax deduction with Edvest were going to make it easier for me to save.”

Through her dedication, she was able to save up a considerable amount all on her own. Today, her son is a senior in high school and is applying at UW-Milwaukee and a college in Minnesota. She’s extremely proud of all he has accomplished and all that he is dreaming to do with his future.

“I couldn’t start saving any sooner than what I did. But, what I’ve found is that that even a nominal deposit each month will add up.”

Still, she stresses that it’s never too early to start saving.

Henschel’s piece of wisdom for parents looking to save for college?

“We can’t change the cost of college. But, what we can do is plan for it.”