Give a Gift They Won’t Outgrow

Edvest recently sat down with Jenny Nemke of Mequon, Wis. to discuss her family’s experience with planning for the cost of college.

With two young children at home, Jenny and her husband know that the cost of higher education will be even more expensive than it is now.

“I work on a college campus and see firsthand how difficult it can be for students to afford school,” Nemke says. “Saving even a little each month ensures that we are giving our children a great head start.”

For the Nemkes, saving for college has become a family affair.

When the kids were born, grandma and grandpa opened an Edvest College Savings plan for each of them. They continue to contribute to the accounts on holidays, birthdays, etc. – giving a gift that the kids won’t outgrow.

“Saving for college can be overwhelming, but it’s easier to swallow if you are saving a little at a time,” said Nemke. “Edvest is easy for our whole family to use and small contributions add up, giving our kids a really solid start.”

It’s now easier than ever to give the gift of college savings with Edvest
  • Edvest offers several ways that parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and other family members can give the gift of education for any special occasion throughout the year.
      • The e-Gifting feature allows you to invite friends and family to contribute online, securely and at no cost to a child’s existing account.
        • The invitation goes out via email and the contribution is made in a secure portal.
        • Share the news by printing out an Edvest gift certificate and enclose it with the card or gift you’re already giving to the child.
      • Friends and family members can also mail a gift for an existing Edvest account.
        • By visiting, a gifter can download and complete a gift deposit form, include the account number on the form, and then mail it to Edvest along with a check.
      • New to Edvest? You can open an Edvest account today, and ask friends and family to help you save.
        • You can enroll online or by mail.
        • Note: You will need to know the Social Security Number of the child to finalize the enrollment process.
  • At only $25 to start, Edvest can fit within many holiday shopping budgets.
    • Additionally, Wisconsin residents may be able to reduce their Wisconsin taxable income up to $3,050 per beneficiary if the beneficiary is your child, grandchild, great-grandchild, niece, nephew or yourself.