Edvest is 8th Lowest Cost 529 Plan in the Nation


Edvest is 8th Lowest Cost 529 Plan in the Nation

For the second year in a row, Edvest has been named one of the lowest-cost college savings plans in the nation by SavingForCollege.com. This year, we’ve broken into the Top Ten and have been ranked number 8!

That’s great news for Wisconsin families. A low fee college saving plan means families can potentially save more for their child’s higher education costs. Starting to save with Edvest is easy. Accounts may be opened with a minimum contribution of $25.00. Automated contributions through your bank or payroll direct deposit are possible with a minimum contribution of $15.00 per month. As a direct-sold plan there are no sales fees and no commissions. Edvest also doesn’t charge transfer fees, application fees, or annual maintenance fees.

Why choose Edvest?
Beyond being an affordable choice, Edvest offers additional benefits. First, the accounts can be opened by almost anyone including parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and family friends. They may also contribute to existing accounts, which can be a great option for birthdays or other special occasions.

Any earnings are exempt from federal and state taxes, which means they have the potential to grow over time. Wisconsin taxpayers have an additional benefit, too. Contributions to Edvest may reduce state taxable income up to $3,100 per beneficiary.



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