Edvest Fees Ranked Fourth Lowest in Nation among Direct-Sold Plans

Inspirational ideaEdvest was recently ranked as the fourth lowest fee direct sold college savings plan in the nation by Strategic Insight, an Asset International Company that has been providing mutual fund industry research for over 25 years. Strategic Insight analyzed plan documents, websites, disclosure statements, and press releases to ensure data quality and categorization.

What this means for you

Plain and simple, lower fees means your money goes further.

As a direct-sold plan, Edvest does not charge sales commissions, transfer fees, application fees or annual maintenance fees. Additionally, you can start saving with just $25 when you open an account.

As some of the lowest in the nation, the fees that are associated with the Edvest College Savings Plan are used to cover the cost of investment management and administrative services.

For more info or to open an account, visit www.edvest.com