Morningstar gives Edvest high marks

Edvest is a solid choice for Wisconsin families interested in saving money for college. That’s according to recent rankings by Morningstar, Inc.™1

Low costs lead to high ranking

In their most recent review, independent investment research and management firm Morningstar has once again awarded Edvest a Bronze rating. It’s one of just 34 529 plans nationwide to earn the best-in-class ranking. According to their analysis, “While other states may offer a similarly wide-ranging lineup of attractive investments, few do so at prices as competitive as this plan’s.”

Edvest offers low fees, and a low minimum contribution of just $25. Edvest has no application, annual account maintenance, cancellation, change in beneficiary, or change in investment portfolio fees. Low fees means more money can be saved for higher education costs.

Tax benefits boost appeal

Along with the variety of investment options, Morningstar cited Edvest’s tax benefits for Wisconsin residents as a clear advantage for families looking for a quality college savings plan. “Wisconsin residents in particular, who can deduct up to $3,140 per beneficiary from their taxable state income, should look no further. The plan also holds appeal for nonresidents interested in a combination of active and passive management.”

Positive track record continues

Along with positive marks for low costs and benefits to account owners, Edvest also ranked high when it comes to performance. In their review of 48 direct-sold plans, which looked at performance over three years, placed Edvest in the top 15.2

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1 In an annual review (10/24/2017) of the largest 529 college-savings plans (62 total), Morningstar identified 34 plans that rose above their typical peers, awarding those plans Gold, Silver, and Bronze Morningstar Analyst Ratings for 2017. These forward-looking, qualitative ratings signal Morningstar’s conviction in the plans’ abilities to outperform their relevant benchmark and peer groups on a risk-adjusted basis over the long term. Morningstar evaluates college-savings plans based on five key pillars – Process, Performance, People, Parent, and Price. For more information about Morningstar’s overview of Edvest go to Past performance does not predict future results. Source:

Source: 2017 three-year top performing direct plans Q2, August 28, 2017 Edvest ranking is based on a performance score calculated by investment performance for 48 direct-sold 529 plans. Learn more at